Murmurings Updated

I updated the Murmurings tab on the site to include everything I’ve done on since mid-August.

My favorites include a Gossip Girl recap where I mixed things up a bit and presented it like a transcript of what’s really going on. The format is a lot of fun to do, and it was such a hit on the site that I’m doing GG recaps like that from now on. I also enjoyed a recent article I wrote about why chicks dig vampires. It did me proud and shot up the top articles list in record time.

Oh Gosh! I forgot about the podcasting! I’ll go add that to the murmurings, too! :)


How Not to Podcast

This crazy thing happened a few weeks ago on murmur: I was invited to partake in the podcasting portion of the site. Well, that’s not quite true. Every couple of weeks one of the staff members sends an email to the rest of us and asks who might be interested in joining the call for that episode (the podcasts are taped from a skype-delivered conversation). What made Episode 6 special was that they finally hit a topic that allowed me to overcome my innate fear of the medium. Everyone on the call agreed that I did a good job for my first time out and the feedback from the site’s regulars was also quite supportive.

High off the ego trip and full of “I did it and survived” endorphins, I signed up for the next one, this time about the new Fall TV season. This one went …less well for me, although thankfully the finished product doesn’t reflect too many of my sophomoric mistakes.

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