C2E2 2011 Recaps: The Panels

Tiny Intro: this is one of (hopefully) several bits of recaps from my experiences at the 2011 Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo. Most of this was written on the train home. The rest has been tweaked a week or so later as I found a bit of time to post things.

Saturday: Panel-Hopping The panel I enjoyed the most was the one I knew the least about. I’m barely literate in Marvel and don’t speak DC at all, hardly, but that’s where the group was headed first, so I tagged along to see what these were like. It was pretty fine, but sitting by Jeff, Louis, and Ali and having a running commentary about who the guys at the front were and what they were (not) talking about made all the difference. Continue reading C2E2 2011 Recaps: The Panels


Today at Starbucks I found a man who might have been my father. He was too young by almost a decade, the wrong height, and his pale skin was more like mine than my father’s year-round tan. My father never would have ordered a white chocolate mocha, either. They did share the same shaved bald head, wire rimmed glasses, and bushy grey mustache under a strong roman nose, and his clothes could have been plucked from the stacks of sweaters and slacks my mother donated last year. The man’s big, self-deprecating show about having to pay for his friend’s drink because he’d lost a bet or owed him for something was what had caught my eye, and the way he joked with his friend and the barista was so much like my dad he may have been possessed.

I struggled with the idea that this man was my father and yet not him and forced myself to focus on the differences and the facts at hand to keep the impulse to run and hug this stranger at bay. Suddenly acutely aware that these ghosts are the closest we will ever get to seeing the people that we have lost walk among us, I wanted to follow him as he went about his day to see what else I would rediscover about my father.

Instead, I picked up my drinks and went home.

dear extroverts,

when you run into an introvert unexpectedly do not just say “hi ^introvertnamehere!” and then wait for the introvert to respond.

say “hi ^introvertnamehere! it’s me, ^extrovertnamehere! we last saw each other at ^placewhereintrovertlastsawyou. i’m ^wayintrovertisconnectedtoyou.”

this allows the introvert to say “yes, of course i remember you.” even though we can’t, because we’re an introvert and totally suck at that game.

i know. you’re thinking, “but of course that person remembers me. how could they not? we totally hung out that one night and chatted and everything. if i say that, the introvert will be insulted.”

yeaaaah, it doesn’t matter to us. unless the introvert approaches you and says hi (and uses your name), please do him/her a favor and reintroduce yourself. “worst case scenario” is that the introvert says “yes, of course i remember you” and actually means it and feels a little thrill that they didn’t completely muck it up.

the introverts
(especially the ones with social anxiety disorders)

we interrupt talking about nothing to talk about something trivial

i love this site:

go fug yoursef

the women (the fuggirls) who run the site post pictures of celebrities making horribly, awful choices in terms of fashion and then write very entertaining words about what’s wrong with them. to be fair, when they find something well done (especially if it’s someone they’ve recently bashed), they will also comment. and it is again, very funny. i could never in my wildest dreams hope to accomplish the level of cattiness mixed with just the right amount of not-so-bitchy to make it palatable. it is to the point that when i find something disastrous on a different site, i wonder what they’re going to say about it and hope they find it. usually i’m not disappointed.

the posts waiting in my rss reader today were no exception and were so “classic” that i felt the need to post about them:

randy jackson’s coat
sharon stone managing not to look batshit (see? they’re nice sometimes)
gwen stefani making a bad choice on american idol last night
two crazy-assed model people looking faker than a fake thing (i think this might be my favorite commentary format). other key examples are: here and here

and yes, it’s mean and it’s awful and we could all be doing better things with our time than writing and reading about celebrities, but seriously, this is chocolate covered popcorn for my brain.

you should be reading this blog

i think the reason why i like jesus’ favorite so much is because when she started writing (on a dare from her uber-geek friends), she sounded like me, only with actual talent.  she wrote mostly about what geeks all her friends were, and even though she was mocking you could read the love underneath…or at least i could.  she went away for a while, after the death of her very-loved step-mother, and since then has re-appeared, writing more about how much she loves/misses/grieves over her death.

it’s not right to say that her despair entertains or amuses me, but her ability to articulate her pain and yet somehow make it universal ….connects to something inside of me that makes me want to share it with you.