“Live Blogging” Grey’s Anatomy Episode 5.15

I confess. Nothing about this is “live”. It’s the Monday after the episode aired, so the show is certainly not live. Also, while I’m recording my thoughts as I have them (and labeling them with the minutes into the show), I’m not re-publishing this after every thought. Instead, I’m just going to post this when I’m done.

Why am I doing this? Cuz. Live blogging intrigues me and it’s either do it this way, or flood my twitter account with comments (or over-edit myself so that I don’t flood twitter). I also want to try and do this a bit more on-time with the oscars, and I need to warm up/practice before that happens.

This week’s Grey’s is titled Before And After and is a cross-over episode with Private Practice. I used to watch PP, but it was one of the first victims of November’s great TV culling. I still keep up when my RSS feed sends a synopsis to me, but nothing i’ve read has convinced me that I should re-add it. I may make an exception this week and catch it on ABC’s site. We shall see.

You should also know that I largely consider Grey’s to be a guilty pleasure. It’s not a good show, but it’s entertaining. I also rarely refer to characters by their actual names (the show started it), and I’m hideously inconsistent, even with that. I know you’re not, but I’m pretending you’re watching the show with me. I don’t plan on explaining much, and for all I know, this won’t have any value at all, even to folks who have seen the show already. This is why I’m posting this on my blog instead of another place it might fit.

Anyway, here we go!

0:00 Ooh! A Meredith voice over. Seems like we haven’t had one of those for a while. I have not missed her fatigued voice.

0:00 Addison cut her hair and Dr. Dreamy has a grey streak?! When did that happen?

0:02 Yay! Thank you for explaining what’s up with the guy since I don’t watch PP. Worms in the brain!

0:03 Bailey likes Addison’s hair too and thinks it’s new. I guess she doesn’t watch PP either.

0:04 Seriously, that grey streak in Dreamy’s hair is new, right? it seems longer and disheveledy, too. Was there a longer than average break between the shoot of last week’s episode and this one, or am I just really inattentive?

0:05 I promise not to say something every minute but if Addison is back to just to stir things up between Meredith and Derek, I’m going to throw something at the TV. That’s irritating.

0:06 A dad keeping his cancer from his daughter! OF COURSE!!!

0:08 I may delete this if it turns out not to be true. But if that’s Grant Show, he looks way better now than with all that Swingtown hair. (also, did you hear they’re remaking Melrose? i wonder if he’ll be part of the token original cast.)

0:09 impressions from first commercial break po-pops: Wedding, car, jewerly, hotels, bachelor, oooh! hugh jackman! (didn’t po-pop past that)

0:12 hey! George is getting paid this week! Good for him!

0:13 Credits confirm that it is Grant Show.

0:13a this stream of consciousness is weird. if i wasn’t going (edit: i noticed i left this thought unfinished and I have no idea what I was going to say. I blame the appearance of Taye Diggs)

0:14 I’m totally going to ship Sam/Bailey! He’s yummy and she’s awesome and deserves something yummy.

0:15 Nobody believes that the brother is going to die, right? Cuz I don’t.

0:15a Boyfriend broke up with his ex-fiance in email trumps boyfriend wrote a song for his wife. Meredith needs to shut it. Soooo don’t care about the guitar thing. Why are we making a deal about this? There’s enough going on, ya?

0:17 I will be happy if sgt. steamy’s ex-fiance doesn’t know they broke up because her daddy was protecting her from this, too.

0:18 Second commercial skipping: cars, picnic, (long picnic-clearly about man medicine this time), more jewelry (is it 2 days before v-day or something?), phone, truck, happy couple on the beach (corona ad?).

0:22 I may start shipping Addison and Torres, too. (and I love her nails)

0:23 Aww. “You save babies. God knows who you are.” Heart-melty without being manipulative. See Grey’s? You don’t always have to put babies in jeopardy or give people cancer to make us emotional.

0:25 Do we think that they’re just bringing all the characters from PP that they want to keep to Seattle so that when PP gets cancelled they can all work there? I haven’t watched PP since early this season, but it seems to me that all the lame ones aren’t here.

0:25 Sadie needs to go away. kthx bye.

0:26 Is Archer his first name, or is she Addison Archer? i forget Addison’s last name.

0:27 (halfway mark commercials) nice house (more house), kelly ripa, movie (the shopping one), suddenly susan, cars, something that’s probably a Desperate Housewives spot (is that even on this channel?), girl in bikini

0:31 Ooh! more Sam/Bailey. Seriously. Come on the show! Come to this show Taye Diggs. There’s been a shortage of attractive folks on this show. I will dub thee McYummy!

0:33 Do not think me heartless that I’m actively not caring about colon cancer dad and little blond daughter. It’s a defense mechanism.

0:36 Bad sonogram magic: not only was he looking at the baby’s side instead of his face when he hit the “go go magic 3-d” button, but there’s no way any of that could have happened that fast.

0:37 Dammit Yang! I forgot you were part of the dead dad’s club, too. And cancer, right? I don’t want to care about this story line! You can’t make me!

0:38 act 3 commercial break: cute kid and computer, madea movie, antonio banderas bee, car, cereal, ads for ABC shows I didn’t skip because i assumed we were almost done but no! rothman furniture cutting over a Castle ad (one i’d actually watch, thx), hiphop, “hands free”.

0:42 Did they time that so that he was out the whole commercial break? That was spiffy. Too bad america po-pops past commercials these days.

0:43 Can we find out what’s wrong with Izzy soon so we can stop this shit? (also, they said it wasn’t a brain tumor, but this looks like textbook movie brain tumor)

0:44 Intern race! I really hope this ends badly for someone. oh! A gross disfigurement for Little Grey so that McSteamy has to operate on her face and be all emotionally vulnerable. that’d take up an episode or two. (related: glad they dropped the guitar thing)

0:44 None of that happened. I wish I wrote for this show. Oh, wait. Silly me. Was that supposed to be the happy light moment to “balance” all the angst?

0:45 New last-minute prediction: Sgt. Steamy will decide to stay with/faux-love blond girl to lessen the impact of her dad’s impending death. Like he said in the O.R.: one of them had to be around to squash the bugs. This will be lame and irritate me because Yang and Sgt. Steamy are complicated enough that they don’t have to be messed with, dammit!

0:46 Damn. She did know. And now she’s showing a backbone, so I kind of like her. (second prediction doesn’t seem to be coming true either)

0:46 New-new prediction: Meredith doesn’t “know” Derek so when he asks her to marry him she’ll say no. (clearly i have little faith in this show)

0:46 Also, this would be the place to end the episode.

0:47 ooh, George gets paid for actually doing something this week! and Sadie gets to look vulnerable. yaaaaaaaawn.

0:48 And this is where Sgt. Steamy gets all Darcy on Yang. They always do this at the end of the episode so that I don’t delete the series when this episode is over. (KISS HIM!!!)

0:49 act…4? commercials? oscars, douche bag, pizza, car, music phone, burlington coats, little kid (christmas?), castle ad! thank you! (didn’t skip), (did skip the next one about 2 seconds into it. can’t stand “we know what it’s like to be a mother” sitcoms. cuz you don’t.) seriously, though. That’s a 30-second skip folks. That was a ridiculously long break for being 49 minutes into the episode.

0:54 New^3 prediction: Sadie’s going to scrub in on the pregnant aneurism surgery and she’s going to die. Because nobody’s died this episode and someone has to, you know?

0:55 Okay. I’ll say it. I’ve missed Addison. I think what she (and Torres–although not so much lately) bring to the show is that they know the skeezy male characters well and aren’t swayed by them (any more) so they can call them on their bullshit. Which entertains me because that’s who i’d be.

0:56 Please get Izzy some help. please? I will sit through what I’m assuming is coming (him saying the same thing over and over until she gets all weepy and melty) if this story line moves forward because of it. Oh wait, I was wrong. I forget Alex doesn’t talk he just frowns until you speak again. No meltdown, though, that’s good.

0:56 Sadie’s gone?! (also, I think she’s reading cue cards for her monologue?!) I won’t believe it until I don’t see her in the next episode.

0:58 Aw, pregnant lady didn’t die.

1:00 Montgomery! His name is Archer Montgomery. (Also, seriously, can we have these folks on this show all the time?) And why is the grey streak gone from his hair?

1:01 Apparently I spoke too soon about Jessica Stein (the pregnant lady – once I realized that’s who she was, that’s all I can see). I guess you could end the episode on that, too.

1:02 Sorry. The preview for PP full of people I don’t care about is not going to get me to watch.

the end!

(Wait! No closing monologue with a montage of what everyone’s thinking? Where did that go?)


So…live blogging is now over. I’m not sure if I like doing this or it’s any good, and I knew before I began that giving my brain free-reign to say everything it even momentarily considered would be a bit much. I’m resisting editing out all the ones that I don’t really like because if this really were “live” I wouldn’t be able to do that, but I have gone back and cleaned up some of the spelling and fleshed out some thoughts because I seemed to get distracted while typing and writing. If I was forced to be “live” I would just pause the tivo a bit longer to get it all out.