Lent 2010: The Recap

Considering I didn’t even muster the weekly checkup posts past week 3, it should come as no surprise that I’ve failed, at least in the traditional sense, to give up “not writing” for Lent. When you get right down to it, I wrote probably half the days, maybe less, and the closer it got to Easter, the less I wrote. I just didn’t make it the priority I should have, and while I can point fingers and fussy toddlers and gestating babies, I made the choices I made and they didn’t include writing as often as I’d expected.

BUT! I’m still putting this experiment in the “win” column. Continue reading Lent 2010: The Recap

and we’re back

did you miss me? i missed you.

i come bearing a gift and the promise of more, soon.

first off, the gift: my favorite martini to help remind murmur.com that i exist.

and now, the promises: assuming sick babies get better soon, there should be new images coming your way via flickr, a blog post or 2 on charlotte’s site (because going offline took her offline, too), and a post here with the “snapshots” i took while i was away from you for 46 days. don’t worry, i didn’t record something every day. sometimes not even once a week.

for now, though, i’m off to see if the sick baby might want some turkey or bananas for “lunch”.