not much to say

but i’m still trying to do that once a day thing.

work sucked so hard today that i had to be talked out of just walking out…twice.

tomorrow promises to be just as fun.

maybe it’s that i haven’t said anything commentable yet, but y’all do know you can comment just as easily here as you could on snipsnap.

…assuming you’re even out there. if everyone got the snipsnap though RSS i guess i really *am* talking to myself.

oh, and covet

poor dave zabriskie

so, i don’t really care about the tour de france. i’ll watch it every night, while doing other things, because i live with someone who cares, and i care about him, and frankly, it’s either that or the ranma 1/2 disk we have sitting around because we haven’t gotten around to watching it yet.

but i’ve got to say, my heart bleeds for this guy. i hope he’s right. i hope he comes back. if nothing else, it’ll make the last 15 or so minutes of the 2-3 hour nightly viewing interesting.

see for yourself