Lenten Promise 2010: Week 1 Judgement Day

“It wasn’t my fault,” I’d say to St. Peter if he called me on how well I did this first week.

“I was in Vegas for the first few days. I tried, but there was so much–”

“Sin?” he’d ask with one eyebrow arched as he jotted a note down with his quill on a gilded page.

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My Lenten Promise: 2010

There are lots of things I could go without for a while. A few weeks ago I realized that I’d let the Internet take hold of me and considered another 40 day purge. This produced a surprising reaction in a few friends who reminded me that at the end of it I was miserable and there were lots of things I said I wouldn’t ever do again. I remember feeling isolated, and now is not the time to try that again. Plus, I have loads more internet friends this time around. I’d hate to vanish on them for nearly 2 months. I tried sussing out the details, to come up with a schedule/set of restrictions that made sense, but by the time it was all over, I realized I should just do those things anyway and I wasn’t really “sacrificing” as much as fixing. Plus, Lent was fast approaching and I didn’t really have that much time to plan.

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Nanowrimo 2009: Ain’t Happening

A funny thing happened on the way to my 2009 Nanonovel: Life. Literally.

I’m a little bit pregnant, and unfortunately for nanowrimo, it’s the stage of pregnancy where I’m at my most exhausted and my most unmotivated. To say nothing of the 24/7 nausea that prevents me from doing much of anything except willing it to go away. I tried fitting writing in with everything else that was happening. I tried sacrificing what i could in favor of writing, because that’s what nanowrimo is about.

It just wasn’t working, and instead of being something that i was looking forward to, nanowrimo was becoming something that was adding another level of stress to my life when i really didn’t need it. It’s not likely I’ll get out of this phase until sometime in december, so “waiting for it to get easier” wasn’t an option, either.

I think it would have been different if i’d been more invested in my story. I can’t pretend that’s not also a factor in quitting. I’m just not into it. All stories come from outside inspiration, but there’s something that gets “hooked” internally to make it work. This novel has been lacking that, so far. It just feels like I’m assembling a puzzle into something that looks like a novel but isn’t right. In order to make the novel work, I have to invest much more into it, and like i said, I don’t really have the time right now. Maybe in my second trimester, when things are supposed to get easier before they get umpossible again, I’ll host a personal nanowrimo.

This doesn’t mean you get to quit. Far from it. Unless you’re also hiding a life-altering medical condition, you keep plugging away. I’m still going to be a cheerleader, so look for a post on murmur.com in the next couple of days about how to get past the ides of November.

10,398 words and out.

Nanowrimo 2009: The Day Before

NaNoWriMo Eve is upon me and I find myself in a rather curious predicament. I’ve been spending the last couple of weeks talking up the novel-writing extravaganza on twitter, podcasts (okay, just the one), and via a prep article on murmur. There is no question in my mind that anyone who thinks it would be fun to write a novel during the month of November can accomplish it.

Except me.

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Murmurings Updated

I updated the Murmurings tab on the site to include everything I’ve done on murmur.com since mid-August.

My favorites include a Gossip Girl recap where I mixed things up a bit and presented it like a transcript of what’s really going on. The format is a lot of fun to do, and it was such a hit on the site that I’m doing GG recaps like that from now on. I also enjoyed a recent article I wrote about why chicks dig vampires. It did me proud and shot up the top articles list in record time.

Oh Gosh! I forgot about the podcasting! I’ll go add that to the murmurings, too! :)