Sharing is Caring: A story about my mental health

Once upon a time, I almost died, but then I didn’t.
(too dramatic)

It was a dark and stormy….several years? And then there was light.
(just no.)

Fun fact: I suck at beginnings.
(at least that’s my voice)

I suck at beginnings. And this is too important for me to spin on finding the perfect introduction so long I stall out. So I’m pushing through.

I’d like you to read about my recent struggles managing my mental health if you have the time. This may seem strange if you know me, or presumptuous if you don’t, so let’s start with a few reasons why I’m putting something this personal online and exposing the chewiest of my chewy center for all to see. Continue reading Sharing is Caring: A story about my mental health

WFMAD Challenge: the Setup and the Links

Yesterday, I stumblr’d (as of right this moment, “stumblr’d” means “a thing i stumbled across on tumblr when i was really just in the mood to look at pretty gifsets and fanart) across a reference to Laurie Anderson’s “Write Fifteen Minutes a Day Challenge”, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: write 15 minutes each day in September.

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Lent 2010: The Recap

Considering I didn’t even muster the weekly checkup posts past week 3, it should come as no surprise that I’ve failed, at least in the traditional sense, to give up “not writing” for Lent. When you get right down to it, I wrote probably half the days, maybe less, and the closer it got to Easter, the less I wrote. I just didn’t make it the priority I should have, and while I can point fingers and fussy toddlers and gestating babies, I made the choices I made and they didn’t include writing as often as I’d expected.

BUT! I’m still putting this experiment in the “win” column. Continue reading Lent 2010: The Recap

Lent 2010: Week 3

So…yeah. Last week was a doozy. I’m tired of making excuses and all, but man. it sucked. I thought I was going to have all these opportunities to write and get caught up, but as the week went by (and I fell and I recovered and I felt better and I took a glucose test that made me sick and I recovered from that) the over-due writing kept stacking up.

It was a huge flashback to nanowrimo in November, and my “excuse” was largely the same: pregnant. Continue reading Lent 2010: Week 3

Lent 2010: Week 2

Well, crap.

It turns out that I’m much better suited to giving something up than adding something in. I can handle the “withdrawal” issues of giving up chocolate or internet, or soda (not caffeine mind you, with true withdrawal issues) much easier than forcing myself to spend 30 minutes each day writing. Last week I was at 7 of 8, but only 5 of those were “on time”.

This week, I managed to pull off 4 of 7, plus make up for the one missed last week.
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