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Consider Me Stumped

So Charlotte and I have this “game” we play, courtesy of Dr. Seuss. Basically every time I answer a question with “I do not know,” we have a race to see whether I can say “go ask your dad!” before she says “don’t say it!”...

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How to Handle Spoilers on Tumblr

My tumblr feed is full of fans with enough free time to create/curate all sorts of eyecandy related to my favorite tv shows, movies, books, etc. It’s awesome. …except when I get behind because I don’t have the capacity to watch most shows live. What...

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A Promise Fulfilled

At the start of 2011 I made myself a promise. I promised I was going to stop defining myself by who I thought I was when I was 15. that person was largely defined by who people (well meaning in many cases but often malicious)...

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