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did you know there’s an app for posting to your wordpress blog? of course you did.

why do I suddenly care? I’m starting a new project tomorrow (with it’s very own louderplease subdomain) that will require daily posting. I wanted to see how easy it would be to post via phone. so far, it seems pretty straightforward.

and now I’m going to test link making. not bad. that should be a link to the content-less site.

Murmurings Updated

I updated the Murmurings tab on the site to include everything I’ve done on since mid-August.

My favorites include a Gossip Girl recap where I mixed things up a bit and presented it like a transcript of what’s really going on. The format is a lot of fun to do, and it was such a hit on the site that I’m doing GG recaps like that from now on. I also enjoyed a recent article I wrote about why chicks dig vampires. It did me proud and shot up the top articles list in record time.

Oh Gosh! I forgot about the podcasting! I’ll go add that to the murmurings, too! :)


-cough-couch- it’s so dusty in here

i never visit my own site. it’s true. like 98% of the internet, i see it via an rss feed. i mostly “see” it while previewing posts, which has a very different layout than the main page. when i do visit the main page i go “um, this needs to be changed.”

i’ve felt that way since march-ish (i wanted to change a lot of things in march, actually. i blame getting laid off). much like my other plans in march, i’ve been distracted by life and such and the idea of building my own theme (or just finding and tweaking an existing one), was a big enough project that i’ve been uptting it off until i could find the time to do it “right.”

well, i’m done waiting. i’ve reverted to an older theme (less glitz, more stuff) for the time being. if you see crazy things going on while visiting the site, that’s probably because i’m tweaking or building something while you watch.

isn’t technology great?

oh! and one of the biggest downfalls to this (strangely uneditable) theme is that i can’t add the header that points to the sub-site about charlotte. so, if you’re new or always use that link to get there, all the fun charlotte-related stuff can be found at


it (will be) a girl!

at today’s doctor’s visit we asked very nicely if we might take another look at the baby to see if we could determine the gender since the kid was so … uncooperative last month and she let us.

so… charlotte anne will be making her way into the world on or about 11/3/2007. for more information, there’s always the baby version of this site…once i get around to updating it, that is ;)

oh, and we moved, and the computers with all the sites have to move too, so if we vanish for a few days, that’s why.


as promised

all things baby (more than you probably want to know, actually) can be found at: incase you forget, there’s a handy link in the header of this site as well.

i’m not saying i won’t ever talk about the pregnancy/baby here (try and stop me), but this will probably limit my commenting to big events and less play-by-play stuff.