a-Househunting We Will Go: The Haunted One

We are currently on a quest for a new home. Due to our family’s needs and financial …complications… we’re searching for a very specific kind of home in a very limited area. Since it’s hard to spot that “hidden gem” on paper, we see our share of houses. Sometimes these prospects make for interesting stories. These are those stories.

Our visit to this turn of the century victorian house started out better than most. This house was larger and older than others in the same general area and price range. It was 3 stories, and for the first two stories everything was fine. It needed a healthy amount of updates, but we really liked some of the features. While we were chatting, we made our way to the third floor: an attic that had been converted into two bedrooms. The first bedroom had an exposed seam along the wall, and Ryan, his dad and the agent set about figuring out why that might be. I have little to contribute to those conversations, so I wandered out and went into the next bedroom. Continue reading a-Househunting We Will Go: The Haunted One

Lent 2012: I take an arrow to the xBox

It’s that time of year again. You can keep your New Year Resolutions. Nobody ever expects to keep them. I’ll take Lent any day. what better time to battle a vice than when “everyone” is suffering through their own challenges alongside you and everyone expects to win?

This year I’m taking the bold step of giving up video games.

This may sound like a sacrifice more fitting of a 14 year old boy, but trust me, this is Up There for me. Continue reading Lent 2012: I take an arrow to the xBox

C2E2 2011 Recaps: The Panels

Tiny Intro: this is one of (hopefully) several bits of recaps from my experiences at the 2011 Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo. Most of this was written on the train home. The rest has been tweaked a week or so later as I found a bit of time to post things.

Saturday: Panel-Hopping The panel I enjoyed the most was the one I knew the least about. I’m barely literate in Marvel and don’t speak DC at all, hardly, but that’s where the group was headed first, so I tagged along to see what these were like. It was pretty fine, but sitting by Jeff, Louis, and Ali and having a running commentary about who the guys at the front were and what they were (not) talking about made all the difference. Continue reading C2E2 2011 Recaps: The Panels

TL4T: When The Hive Mind Panics

Spending time in train stations and crowded convention halls last weekend, I’ve seen the “hive mind” of what’s left of our animal instinct kick in. One person gets up without provocation to stand in line. Then 3, then virtually everyone. Those who stay behind start to panic that they’ve missed something. Masses of people can mill around staring at all the eye candy and still manage (more or less) to maneuver around each other without crashing.

On an intellectual level, I do not believe in a predicted “end times”, but the more world events keep stacking up in favor of a man-made apocalypse with a “natural” catalyst, I worry that some sort of end is nearing and that those who consider themselves believers are going to reach a tipping point and their panic will infect enough of us that it won’t matter what I believe anymore.

(I really need to finish The Passage.)