WFMAD Challenge: the Setup and the Links

Yesterday, I stumblr’d (as of right this moment, “stumblr’d” means “a thing i stumbled across on tumblr when i was really just in the mood to look at pretty gifsets and fanart) across a reference to Laurie Anderson’s “Write Fifteen Minutes a Day Challenge”, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: write 15 minutes each day in September.

I have been in DESPERATE need of giving my fingers a swift kick in the wrists for some time now (at least where writing is concerned – more on that in a minute and no, it’s probably not as naughty-sounding as you might think), and i thought “Hells yes! I can do this!”


Unfortunately, I stumblr’d across this at about 11:45 at night when I was already past the point where I should have gone to sleep, so I missed Day 1, but that’s okay, because Laurie has already worked out a solution for that:

What if I screw up and miss a day? Or a week?

Then you start over! Don’t waste any more time beating yourself up about lost writing opportunities. There are only three situations that should ever interfere with your writing: you have a new baby, you are sick enough to be in a hospital, or you are caring for someone who is that ill, and someone you love has recently died. HOWEVER…. all three of these situations evoke powerful feelings and if you could write even one sentance a day when you are in the middle of them, it would be awesome.

So, I’m doing this, but I’m probably going to be mixing it up considerably. I have all these vacated blogs where i spout text on any number of subjects and since I’m not stupid brave enough to take on every space every day (that’d be like a whole hour of writing – that’s way too much ;) or focused enough to just pick one and stick with it (for 30 whole days?!), I’m going to be spreading the love. The idea is that hopefully I’ll touch each blog at least once a week and that every day I’ll have at least 15 minutes to say about something, somewhere to keep my momentum up.

HERE, however, is the master list.

  • September 1 late: This Post!
  • September 2: Ode to Yarn Crafts
  • September 3 on studio: Tell One Story … And Then Be Done With It
  • September 4 late and offline: I had so much fun writing on Sunday during the day that I wrote more that evening!
  • September 5 :
  • September 6:
  • September 7 on The Internet is Full of Tools
  • September 8 offline: Fiction!! I wrote actual fiction.
  • September 9:
  • September 10:
  • September 11:
  • September 12:
  • September 13:
  • September 14:
  • September 15:
  • September 16:
  • September 17:
  • September 18:
  • September 19:
  • September 20:
  • September 21:
  • September 22:
  • September 23:
  • September 24:
  • September 25:
  • September 26:
  • September 27:
  • September 28:
  • September 29:
  • September 30: