How to Handle Spoilers on Tumblr

My tumblr feed is full of fans with enough free time to create/curate all sorts of eyecandy related to my favorite tv shows, movies, books, etc. It’s awesome. …except when I get behind because I don’t have the capacity to watch most shows live. What do you do when you want to spend some time on tumblr, but you want to avoid spoilers?

  1. Say “I won’t check tumblr until after I’ve seen the latest episode of that show that I really don’t want to be spoiled on.
  2. Check tumblr anyway, convinced I can scroll passed commentary or hastily put together gifs, etc. to avoid spoilers.
  3. Get spoiled. Keep scrolling anyway. Get spoiled again. And again. And then about a plot point I care about more than the others.
  4. Say “I knew I shouldn’t have done that. I won’t look again until I’ve watched the show.”
  5. Check anyway. Chances are there aren’t anymore.
  6. Get spoiled Big Time.
  7. Say “You deserved that. Now STAY OFF.”
  8. Manage to stay away longer to lick wounds. Eventually decide there aren’t any more spoilers. Nothing as bad as that last one.
  9. Get spoiled Even Worse because enough time has passed for folks to start sharing the higher quality gifs.

Do as I say, not as I do.