Lent 2012: Worst Idea Ever


I spend all week struggling with all the “idle moments” urges to play an app on my phone for 5 minutes. I start twitching at work because of the standard work-related chaos that I usually relieve at the end of the day with a bit of Skyrim (or those idle moments with apps). It builds to a head until the whistle blows on Friday. It starts to fade, only to be completely eclipsed by a desire to spend a few lazy hours on Sunday playing Skyrim. Which I can’t do.

Oh sure, there are lots of folks, some even with legitimate catechismal reasons, who consider Sunday a “skip” day when it comes to giving up things for Lent. I have never subscribed to that and I’m not going to suddenly decide that’s totally cool just because I can’t handle it this year. I’m hoping that in a week or two, this anxiety fades and I’ve either resigned myself to my fate or gone completely bonkers without my go-to stress reliever.

Video games, for all their negative qualities, fill some need inside of me that can’t easily be filled elsewhere. I’ve tried reading and writing. I’ve tried cooking, which comes pretty dang close, but it leaves piles of messy dishes, which pretty much negate all the filling. This was a bad idea. Worse than giving up the Internet.

Next time–and I know there will be a next time–next time I give up video games for Lent there will be caveats. Give up Apps but not Xbox. Or vice versa. Limit total play time to 2 hours per week. Something. This is going to get very ugly before Easter Sunday.