Lent 2012: I take an arrow to the xBox

It’s that time of year again. You can keep your New Year Resolutions. Nobody ever expects to keep them. I’ll take Lent any day. what better time to battle a vice than when “everyone” is suffering through their own challenges alongside you and everyone expects to win?

This year I’m taking the bold step of giving up video games.

This may sound like a sacrifice more fitting of a 14 year old boy, but trust me, this is Up There for me. No Skyrim, No game apps on the phone, not even the ones that are mostly just project management simulations. The only exceptions I’m allowing myself are the music simulators that are part of our children’s bedtime routines, and the kinect games we play as a family. other than that, it’s off limits. It’s not as crazy as giving up the Internet, but a) I can’t really do that because I’d the nature of my job and b) I’m not that crazy.

Like previous Lents, I’m not just giving up something, I’m adding something in the way of self-improvement as well. While I don’t quite consider Skyrim as “cheap vodka” as it’s counterpart World of Warcraft, it has definitely gotten in the way of other avenues of storygathering and storycreating. It’s time to fix that. As “luck” would have it, I’m also experiencing a complete dryspell with regards to all the TV shows I catch (or try to catch) close to their air dates (that’d be: Doctor Who, Vampire Diaries, Downton Abbey, True Blood and Game of Thrones).

In short, I have approximately 1-3 hours every night of “free time” that needs filling.

So how am I going to do it? Well, I haven’t quite worked out the kinks on that. I need to take a more critical look at the calendar and my goals, but I know that it will involve some combination of blog posting, comic reviewing, comic reading, book reading and that elusive beast: fiction writing. My website is woefully outdated and my professional online presence needs a kick in the tush. There are a lot of projects I’ve let languish that I need to push through before I can let myself indulge in world building, but the goal is to get there.

And hopefully, when Easter Sunday rolls around in …however many days that actually is… and I fire up Skyrim or move my iPhone apps back into view, I’ve established enough good habits to help me keep everything in moderation.

  • Wow, 1-3 hours of “free time”… that’s just about right for hockey/