TL4T: When The Hive Mind Panics

Spending time in train stations and crowded convention halls last weekend, I’ve seen the “hive mind” of what’s left of our animal instinct kick in. One person gets up without provocation to stand in line. Then 3, then virtually everyone. Those who stay behind start to panic that they’ve missed something. Masses of people can mill around staring at all the eye candy and still manage (more or less) to maneuver around each other without crashing.

On an intellectual level, I do not believe in a predicted “end times”, but the more world events keep stacking up in favor of a man-made apocalypse with a “natural” catalyst, I worry that some sort of end is nearing and that those who consider themselves believers are going to reach a tipping point and their panic will infect enough of us that it won’t matter what I believe anymore.

(I really need to finish The Passage.)