A Look Ahead: 2011

2010 is officially over now. I’ve been meaning to talk to you about it for months, but life got in the way. It’ll be a bit more concise now. Lucky you.

If the second half of 2010 had a theme, it was Challenge is the New Black. A couple of months ago something snapped and I realized that who I think I am isn’t set in stone and even though I’m 33, I can still redefine the things about myself that I’m not down with.

I got so tired of saying “I can’t do that” and “that can’t happen” and “that’ll never work.” One day I stated saying “why not” and “but what’s the worst that can happen?” and “let’s try it anyway.” It’s so obvious and so simple, but it’s so hard to do if you’ve spent years thinking the opposite.

So I challenged myself. As a result I’ve had a pretty productive 2010:

  • I landed a great job that’s (slowly) putting me on the path towards what I’d like to be when I grow up.
  • I sang a (tiny) solo in my chorus’ Christmas concert.
  • I started up an online “studio” for my writing and wrote tiny stories every day for 10 weeks.
  • I even started a podcast with the help of some talented friends.
  • I learned how to make my own Pho and had some fun with puffy pastry making individual Beef Wellingtons. It may have been only half my 2010 Culinary Goals but it was a tasty half.
  • I got into comics. This may not sound like much, but considering the tiny windows I have for reading, it really helped me absorb some new stories into my brain cloud.

Not a bad list for 2010, considering I didn’t really get my wake-up call until later in the year thanks to pregnancy, babydom, and a gall-bladder removal. That helped me lose 30lbs and I’ve managed to keep (most of) it off even after I stopped nursing and ran out of time to go to the Y.

And now it’s 2011.

My goal is more of the same. Work harder. Go for a bigger solo. Write more often. Lose more weight. Find more challenges in areas I’m already focusing on. Set my sights on the neglected challenge areas (reading, cooking, meditation..ing).

How will I know if I’ve succeeded? I’m not making a quantifiable list this year. I’ll succeed if I can come back to this post in 362 days and feel like I’ve got the same outlook for 2012.

  • I probably need to start setting some goals for my years. I have a few that spring to mind.

    Get on top of my finances. I get so close to this so often and then it all blows up.

    Start looking at career options. I have a full time job and one hesitates to rock that boat but it isn’t terribly fulfilling.

    Alternatively, get some of that career fulfillment elsewhere but stick with the steady income.