Lent 2010: Week 3

So…yeah. Last week was a doozy. I’m tired of making excuses and all, but man. it sucked. I thought I was going to have all these opportunities to write and get caught up, but as the week went by (and I fell and I recovered and I felt better and I took a glucose test that made me sick and I recovered from that) the over-due writing kept stacking up.

It was a huge flashback to nanowrimo in November, and my “excuse” was largely the same: pregnant.

My response, however, was not the same. I guess that’s the difference between nanowrimo and Lent. Realizing that the several days of backup was causing me stress (“I’ll never catch up” became my unwelcome mantra), I wiped the slate clean. It’s what Jesus would want me to do, after all. I took the the overdue assignments off my teux deux list so they wouldn’t keep haunting me and started fresh on Monday.

Although it wasn’t posted until Wednesday (it needed some graphics and a test result update, on Monday I started with a blog post about Elliott and my 26 week checkup.

Tuesday just wasn’t happening. It’s hard to make Tuesdays into anything but a rough day, and once I get home from rehearsal (the bright spot, granted, but makes everything else difficult) I need something to help me wind down, but writing is too much effort on a Tuesday. I know, I know. Hanging out in the desert being tempted by the devil wasn’t too much effort for Jesus, but still. He’s Jesus. I’m not.

Wednesday I went to the zoo and although I didn’t technically write fiction, I did spend a good half hour or so hanging out in the lakeside cafe plotting a crazy novel. I’ve decided it counts, since it was a dense 3 pages of notes and lots of character motivation and logistics got worked out. In short, it was a solid half hour of writing.

I also made this entertaining note, which isn’t a “story” but is longer than what twitter would have allowed me to say:

Today I watched what looked like a battle if the sexes, but may have just been sea lion vs. seals. I’m fairly certain that only sea lions hang out in this pool, but I have vague memories of a zoo keeper saying differently during a feeding time lecture. Anyway, three females (or seals) were sunning themselves on the main rock formation. The Alpha Male (or the lone sea lion) hops out of the water and starts barking up a storm, basically telling the girls to get off his rock and out of his way so he can have his seat back. In his defense, he had been there earlier, by himself, and when he went for a swim, the girls jumped at the opportunity for some sunbathing. The Alpha Female (who was sunning herself on the highest point) turns to the other girls (who are shifting to make room for the guy without so much as a complaint) and starts barking at them. I’m guessing she told them to hold thief ground, because they stop making room and go back to sunning. The Alpha Male starts to bark at the Alpha Female, but he eventually concedes and worms his way into some of the free space on the rock. Clearly discontent, he picks his head up every so often to bark or snort or wiggle around on the uneven surface he’s been resigned to. The crowd gets a kick out of it (most haven’t been there for the whole show) but the girls on the rock generally ignore him.

The larger brown lump in the center is the boy