Literary Limbo

So, I’m stuck.

This happens every so often. I start craving a specific type of story and I can’t let it go. If whatever I’m currently reading doesn’t fit the bill, I can’t focus on it. I’ve started three books in the last few days, questing for the “right” combination of voice, plot, and character and they’ve all been dissatisfying. I’ve flitted through my stack of books (both tangible and digital) over this same time and nothing even looks like it’s going to be the right fit for this craving.

The solution is somewhat obvious: write it.

Which works. It’s the primary reason fiction gets into and then out of my brain. The trouble is that until I have a better idea of what this story looks like, I can’t write it either. I flit from idea to idea the same way I do with the books. It’s like the craving itself is distracting me from fulfilling it. In the mean time i just, well, I flit.

And flitting is annoying.