True Blood 2.1 “Live” Blogging

Sorry, I decided during my Lenten hiatus that I wouldn’t do these anymore, but I started thinking about all the things I could twitter and decided I should just do it this way instead. Starting at..

00:04 – Our story so far: not lafayette. that’s interesting, given the book’s plot. Also means that he (might) be around for a bit this season, to which i say “hurrah!” Opening credits: glad i don’t know the name of that actor. it might pre-spoil it, if he’s dead too and/or not in the season for very long. Also: MIchelle Forbes is in the opening credits: hurrah! and so is eric i think? isn’t he the skaarsgard?

00:06 curly-haired anna paquin for the win!

00:07 knowing the plot/character foundations for the series makes more of the not-quite-background characters “pop”. which is awesome assuming that they don’t overwrite it later.

00:08 Bill got a hotness haircut. thankyee jebus! also, i hope annoying brat plot device that wasn’t in the books (right?) dies soon, ya?

00:09 If they turn jason in the anti-vampire religious fiend instead of (the other person) and instead of the side-story he has in the books, I will be very disappointed.

00:11 reading the books makes andy bellefleur a more sympathetic character.

00:13 your line here is “yes, mama. you’re alright. you cured yourself.”

00:15 different from the book (DFTB): the slaves in the cellar. wtf, mate? (although i don’t really think the plot of the second book is all that exciting, so i approve of embellishment.)

00:15 wait?! is that lafayette?!

00:20 ….yeah. i don’t like the sookie and bill relationship now that i know the actors are dating and shagging. also, getting that upset over the teenvamp is a crappy plot device.

00:24 i’m confused. i thought the fellowship stuff was book 3.

00:24 no jason, no! the other plans for you are so much more interesting! and if you run off to the fellowship, you’ll get less naked like you’re supposed to!

00:26 please let that not be quinn. i don’t know why it would be, but all bets are off, aren’t they?

00:27 squee!! beaglepuppy-sam!

00:28 don’t be quinn, don’t be quinn, don’t be quinn, don’t be quinn.

00:31 the cause of sookie’s uncle’s death is…..interesting, and different from the books. looks like we may not have to wait for some of the future book plots to start working in.

00:32 i would not take that money. (groaning at the “blood money” non-subtlety)

00:35 i like the new version of Eggs. the book version was boring.

00:35 don’t be quinn, don’t be quinn! someone say his damn name so i can get upset or not! you’re a f*cking tease, alan ball.

00:36 NOT QUINN!!!!

00:37 i’m not going to let this jason thing go. someone come by and force his “real” plot line. kthxbye!

00:41 is that terry bellefleur? that makes me sad. i like his real plot line better, too.

00:43 okay, that was terry at the bar. that’s good. am i supposed to know who that other guy was, then?

(Post-Viewing Insert: I really did watch for this 11 minute period I had nothing to say. I just … had nothing to say.)

00:54 so great uncle’s death not so different a death than the book. ah well.

00:57 how season 2 is different than season 1: it took 57 minutes before a super-sex scene instead of about 3. also, this is way less sexy now that i know they’re dating in real life. also, he would never spill her blood. also blood in the mouth is gross.

0:58 WHAT?! whatwhatwhat?! (also, foils in his hair are stupid)

Sigh. On top of Jason, if they’re going to mess with Eric’s plot line like that, I guess I should just stop looking forward to seeing parts of the book visualized. I’m glad that Lafayette’s still around and that the butler at Maryanne’s wasn’t Quinn, but that’s about it. Also, I may be skipping right past the Sookie/Bill sex scenes. I hope they break up soon, but I doubt it.