Not-Live Blogging: Grey’s Anatomy 5.16

It’s time for this week’s installment of Grey’s Anatomy: An Honest Mistake

I think I’m getting the hang of not-live blogging, now. I know that Top Chef lends itself to this (what do you call this: genre? medium? meme? …let’s go with “treatment”) treatment more than a standard hour-long drama, but i found the rhythm of the “watch, pause, write, go!” easier to handle the second time around. I was also able to pre-edit some things and form my thoughts quicker and more completely the second time around. I’m anxious to see how well this translates back to drama, and I know that if I don’t watch Grey’s right now, I probably won’t get a chance until this time on monday, and I’m not in the mood to wait that long.

So, here we go!

0:00 The synopsis has me thinking that Addison’s back this week. That’s fantastic, but that means i can’t use the “What’s missing this week? Oh, right! The cool kids from Private Practice!” line I had all prepared. Bummer.

0:01 Okay, if Derek doesn’t propose this episode, he needs to in the next, otherwise this has gone on far too long. It’s already starting to feel like that story the news has tucked away for a slow news day.

0:01 Addison’s officially still here. Please can have Sam, too? (Naomi can go home, I don’t really mind)

0:02 Save the baby or save the mother episode? Gah.

0:03 Please give me points for not stopping and saying “You know that pioneer surgeon woman is going to be someone famousy, right?” and just waiting for it to appear. Also: Holy Crap?! Is that Faye Dunaway? Girl needs a little less work done, ya?

0:04 I HATE THOSE SNEAKER SKATES!!!! And I knew when I saw them panning up it was going to be Arizona. Hello?! There are ways to make her perky and adorable without turning her into a 13 year old mallrat!

0:04 Do not like Bailey’s new hair. It’s too wild.

0:05 Does she have a cold, too?

0:06 Here’s the thing. If the mother says “save the baby” and the husband says “save the mother” while the mother isn’t looking, it’s not going to end well. If the mother gets saved, I don’t see her forgiving the husband for essentially killing her baby. Best case scenario they’re in therapy for years and years and years, and by that time, she’s past her child-bearing prime.

0:07 I KNEW IT! Sadie the Screw Up messed up the results and Izzy’s the one with cancer! (I thought that at the time but you weren’t around for me to tell)

(commercial break)

0:11 There is seriously something wrong with Faye’s face. I can hardly focus on anything else.

0:13 Um, hi. It’s preeclampsia at 24 weeks. It’s not the end of the world just yet. Quit making it out like you need to take the baby right this minute.

0:15 Ooooh! Twist! (regarding Arizona and Callie) (also: newborn slam == awesome)

(commercial break. also, I went 3 scenes and 3 minutes without commenting. My attention span is waning, clearly)

0:23 Okaaaay, that bit between McDreamy and McSteamy was weird. Like they were reading from two different scripts and nobody bothered to tell McDreamy what his motivation was.

0:26 “Your guy sucks.” That’s why I love Alex sometimes.


0:31 So Izzy’s back to hanging out with George. I guess this is because Alex has a story line and George doesn’t this week? Also, George is in episodes again. To squash all the blind-item rumors about his bad behavior getting him cut from episodes, perhaps? To keep him happy on the show so he doesn’t walk out of his contract? Or because he’s realized he’s been a bad boy and wants to keep his job so he’s playing nice again?

0:32 I’m not sure I would have left Faye’s mask on while she was delivering all this monologue-y stuff. She’s hard to understand.

0:34 Lobotomizing the mother is not saving her. I find it odd that the neurosurgeon doesn’t see that when he’s usually the first person to jump on that bandwagon.

0:35 Are you kidding me? (re: scalpel putting downness and lack there of)

(commercial break)

While we’re waiting: what are the odds that Meredith is going to side with Addison on this? I mean, even the audience knows she’s “right” (which is why i think they’re making Jessica Stein’s situation so extreme). Maybe that will be why Derek doesn’t propose? Or will Meredith take the “that’s my boyfriend” route and decide not to interfere.

0:41 “Look at me”? That’s the best you can do?

0:42 Aw, Owen says the right thing even when he’s not talking to Christina. (See? I internalized Sgt. Steamy’s first name. Aren’t you proud?)

0:43 If Jessica Stein lives and is not a veggie, I’m going to be irritated.

0:43 “No more blood”? Really? That’s the line that gets Derek to back off? No wonder Meredith tried “Look at me”, then.

0:44 Do you think Arizona has those stupid skate-shoes on while she’s handling a 24 week old preemie, or did she take the time to switch shoes before running to the OR to help out?

0:46 Wow. The random guy (who looks and sounds perpetually familiar) that plays Jessica Stein’s husband is a very good actor. Props to casting.

(commercial – castle ad! – wow. March 9th is not that far away!)

0:52 Aw. Poor Chief. No wonder he’s upset at Bailey. I had just assumed she could do both. That is: be a Pediatric Surgeon now and Chief later.

0:52 Sigh. In television, the “exact wrong moment” to tell someone something is always the right one. In real life it is never, ever like that. Doesn’t stop people from putting it into scripts, or people in real life trying it for themselves.

0:53 Punch him back! (also, did not see that coming but it was hockey-fight awesome) (also, serendipitously paused during the second punch right as Derek’s hand passed and Mark’s flinching. I wish I could screen-cap it for you)

0:53 Thank you! (also: violence is never the answer unless you’re in a hockey rink)

0:53 Okay, now this is getting uncomfortable and implausible. McSteamy throwing one punch and then trying to sedate McDreamy is more logical. Unless he thinks this is all about what he said, which would be stupid. Although it looks like Sgt. Steamy is coming to break it up. Made Of Awesome. (I hope)

0:54 If I were writing this show, the ring would fall out of Derek’s pocket right now and Meredith would see it and he’d end up proposing. Screw what I said about the exact wrong moment. That would be good tv. (also bummed that they didn’t get a “The hell is wrong with you two?” speech from Sgt. Steamy and/or he didn’t break them up military-style …not that I have any idea what that would be except good tv.)

0:54 Okay. Alex’s “her guy” line is also good tv.

0:55 Sooo tempted to po-pop past Christina and Faye. Speeches to Christina about how some day all that hardness is going to catch up with her is about as affective on me as it is on her.

0:55 Incase you missed it, this week’s episode is what happens when surgeons aren’t gods as a counterpoint to last week. But you didn’t miss it, did you? How could you have, with the way they’re all tossing the word “god” around.

0:56 Bailey’s hair calmed down considerably as the day wore on. Inconsistent hairdressers or a metaphor? Or good hairdressers trying to represent how that hair style would fade through a long workday?

0:57 Am I supposed to think the Little Grey and McSteamy thing is real? That’s going to take a while.

0:58 So? That’s her date, not her girlfriend. Don’t back down like you did anything wrong, Callie. Your point stands.

0:58 You know what this episode was missing? Sam! (tee hee)

0:59 No. We do not need the moment where Jessica Stein’s husband has a moment with her corpse. F*ck you, show. (also, I’m distracted because she would so totally be stiff as a board at that point) That guy is still a really good actor.

1:01 So let me get this straight. Izzy knows she’s dying now and instead of getting the best care possible (which is sitting right outside her door, likely), she’s giving herself over to interns? To help them be better doctors after she’s dead? Man. There’s sacrificing for the greater good, and then there’s melodramatic show writing.

1:01 Quick! How many more times can Meredith say “god” before the show ends?

1:02 The preview for Private Practice at the end does not make me want to watch it. It does make me wish Addison was back on Grey’s though.


All done!

Well, I don’t know about you, but I enjoyed this round much better than the last. THe show not so much, though. I think the fact that I was able to go longer without pausing to interject had more to do with being bored with the stories being presented than being so enraptured with what I was seeing. The groove of the whole experience (pause, jot, go) was much easier this time, too. Not-live blogging a show after it happens on a blog that nobody reads seems kind of pointless in and of itself, but it gets my fingers flowing and that’s good practice and a good warm up all in one. So I’m keeping it up for now.

By the way, it turns out that the guy who played Jessica Stein’s husband is Ben Shenkman, who, among many other small parts on every decent tv drama, was nominated for a Golden Globe and Emmy for Angels in America. So yeah, guy can act.

Same time next week? You betcha.