dear extroverts,

when you run into an introvert unexpectedly do not just say “hi ^introvertnamehere!” and then wait for the introvert to respond.

say “hi ^introvertnamehere! it’s me, ^extrovertnamehere! we last saw each other at ^placewhereintrovertlastsawyou. i’m ^wayintrovertisconnectedtoyou.”

this allows the introvert to say “yes, of course i remember you.” even though we can’t, because we’re an introvert and totally suck at that game.

i know. you’re thinking, “but of course that person remembers me. how could they not? we totally hung out that one night and chatted and everything. if i say that, the introvert will be insulted.”

yeaaaah, it doesn’t matter to us. unless the introvert approaches you and says hi (and uses your name), please do him/her a favor and reintroduce yourself. “worst case scenario” is that the introvert says “yes, of course i remember you” and actually means it and feels a little thrill that they didn’t completely muck it up.

the introverts
(especially the ones with social anxiety disorders)