we interrupt talking about nothing to talk about something trivial

i love this site:

go fug yoursef

the women (the fuggirls) who run the site post pictures of celebrities making horribly, awful choices in terms of fashion and then write very entertaining words about what’s wrong with them. to be fair, when they find something well done (especially if it’s someone they’ve recently bashed), they will also comment. and it is again, very funny. i could never in my wildest dreams hope to accomplish the level of cattiness mixed with just the right amount of not-so-bitchy to make it palatable. it is to the point that when i find something disastrous on a different site, i wonder what they’re going to say about it and hope they find it. usually i’m not disappointed.

the posts waiting in my rss reader today were no exception and were so “classic” that i felt the need to post about them:

randy jackson’s coat
sharon stone managing not to look batshit (see? they’re nice sometimes)
gwen stefani making a bad choice on american idol last night
two crazy-assed model people looking faker than a fake thing (i think this might be my favorite commentary format). other key examples are: here and here

and yes, it’s mean and it’s awful and we could all be doing better things with our time than writing and reading about celebrities, but seriously, this is chocolate covered popcorn for my brain.