this happened last year, too

there’s something about lent that makes me want to go back to church. i’m guessing it’s a fairly decent mix of the whole “do something to make yourself a better/stronger” person, lots of pre-lenten advertising in the form of mardi gras, and those random folks with smudges on their head on ash wednesday saying loud and clear “you like the ritual of the mass, remember?”

the thing that always pushes me over the “go to mass” reluctant hill is the little voice in the back of my head that says “and the music. you know how you love the music of the mass. just go. be happy.”

so i go. and then i get to mass and i remember: you don’t sing happy music at lent because you’re supposed to be sad.

dammat. now i’ve got to sit through 6 weeks of doldrums music just to sing a hosanna and an alleluia and foley song other than “one bread, one body” ever again.

sigh…i suppose it’s as decent a penance as anything.