we are betrayed, my brethren

i wouldn’t go so far as to say i’m a monster truck “fan”. i know, i know, today will be my 4th show in as many years (and as many opportunities as i’ve had to see them), so it probably *looks* like i’m a fan. I’ll grant you also that i’ve discussed them before, so i can see where you might be confused.

i enjoy the show. i root for the underdogs even though the regional trucks have really no chance to out-shine the national ones. and this is the source of said betrayal. you see there’s a truck/crew that is more popular than all the others: gravedigger. he’s always the headliner. a good 1/3 to 1/2 of the merchandise purchased is related to him/it/whatever. he is the superstar, the figurehead of the entire organization.

so imagine my surprise when i went to the monsterjam’s site today to find out when tonight’s show started and i discovered that there are 3 shows today. one here, one in miami and one in minneapolis.

i know what you’re thinking. those poor folks in the other cities won’t get to see gravedigger! or maybe *i* won’t get to see gravedigger today. to be honest, i thought mostly of the extremely disappointed children and other rabid fans. i mean, seriously, how disappointing would that be? the show comes by once a year and you don’t even get to see the guy you came to see?

you know what the answer is, don’t you?

i’m sad to report that based on the lists of guests at the 3 shows today it appears that there is indeed, more than on gravedigger. one at every show, even.

i know. it’s okay. we’ll get through this together.

in time.

  • *sob*

  • This is worse than when I found out FredBird is just a costume.

  • Treemonkey

    But there is an upside. As a seasoned MJ veteran, you get to know the different drivers. The drivers of Max-D (Maximum Destruction for the newbs), my personal fav, are a generally positive group, always going out and doing their best, and if they lose, they take it with humility. The drivers of Gravedigger, on the other hand, most namely Dennis Anderson, can be a real whino if it comes down to him getting a full run in and gets low scores. If he comes out and does something stupid in the first 20 seconds (like roll over), he’ll get back out and make a run for the fans, much the same that Max-D did. If he gets a full run and still loses, he’ll just pout the whole time about how bad the judges are. Come on, Dennis, you have a job many rednecks like myself would die for! You drive a monster truck! Suck it up and say a prayer of thanks for having a great job instead of whining like a 3 year old girl!