Tasty things i “invented” this weekend

blueberry sunshine

  • glass of ice (24 oz glass, maybe?)
  • shot glass of vodka (they tell me that’s 2oz)
  • equal parts:
    • sparkling blueberry juice (found many places i’m sure, but i found it at trader joes
    • lemonade (from a can will do)

mix and enjoy. mix again and be drunk.

best guacamole ever

  • 2 avocados – smashed
  • “some” garlic – minced (i used 2 decent cloves)
  • “some” fresh jalapeno – also minced (next time i’ll use more than 1)
  • “some” onion – only you know how much.
  • “some” tomato – i used grape tomatoes quartered. about 1.5 times the amount of onion
  • teeny balls of fresh mozzarella (the secret ingredient. same amt. as the tomatoes
  • (optional) – half a packet of guac seasoning – i don’t think this made much of a difference, personally

mash the avocados, garlic and jalapenos together until as smooth as you want it. stir in onions, tomatoes, seasoning. let sit for 1/2 hourish to let the flavors blend. then add the mozzarella. oh sure, you can do it without the cheese, but i’m telling you. good damn times.