stars on ice are better than monster trucks

subtitled: new things can surprise you

so one time a while ago (like …8 or so years) someone invited me to my very first hockey game.

“why would i want to go to a hockey game? it’s just a bunch of guys skating and getting into fights instead of actually playing a game!” said i. but i went anyway because we’d only been dating a month or so and i was still in that agreeable stage.

“oh my god!” i said maybe 20 minutes into it. “it’s a bunch of guys skating around and getting into fights! how fun is that?!”

and i’ve been a hockey fan ever since.

a few years later (like 6) a friend invited me to monster trucks.

“eh. it’s just going to be a bunch of loud noise and cars smashing into things.” i said. but i went anyway, because he was a good friend and was very excited. he may have also said something like “i can’t imagine you at a monster trucks” which i interpreted as a challenge.

“holy crap!” i said after the first huge truck thing smashed the heck out of some spray-painted cars. “it’s a bunch of loud noise and cars smashing into things! this is so much fun!”

and now i go ever year.

this year, a friend asked me to see stars on ice with her.

“so, it’s basically the olympics only without any competition and live, and with maybe some backflips or something since you can’t do those in the olympics.” yawn. but i went, because she played the “my fiancee doesn’t really want to go, won’t you go with me?” card, and like hockey and monstertrucks before it, i didn’t have a good enough reason not to go. not that i didn’t want to go, i just didn’t *want* to go. you understand. hopefully kristan will too when she reads this. ;)

“we have seats on the ice,” she said. mkay. so the seats are the best we can get. that’s good.

holy crapola! it’s seriously like the olympics except everyone’s just having a good time and putting on a show and it’s right frigging there and they’re doing all sorts of shit you don’t see on tv because it’s *not* the olympics and they can and oh my god is it cool.

even cooler than monster trucks.

and when they say “on the ice” they don’t mean “in the first row like the hockey games with a barrier between you and the performers. they mean on the “wear boots because your toes will get cold because under that plywood your folding chair is sitting on is the” ice.

which is also incredibly cool. incredibly cool. you’re close enough to get winked at by the pretty ones, and when they do that little spinny thing on one shoe it makes this really strange noise that you can actually hear and it’s really, really cool.

did i say that already?

you know how in cutting edge they do that thing where he spins her around and she looks like she’s going to hit the ice with her head? they did that. a few times.

gah. all i can do is gush. if someone says “do you want to see stars on ice?” say “yes, and can we get tickets on the ice?”

you’re welcome.