so i quit WoW almost 2 months ago, but hadn’t gotten around to killing my account. every time i thought about, it wasn’t near my computer. tonight, i logged into their website to cancel it.

coolest part: i’d forgotten my password.

second to least coolest part: they give you a dropdown menu of reasons for quitting. when you select an option, you get a customized “we’re sorry you’re quitting” message. the addiction reads as such:

We are proud that we were able to make a sucessful, enjoyable game. And as much as we’d like you to keep playing, we understand that there are certain cirumcstances which may prevent continuous game play. Currently, we have no plans to delete World of Warcraft accounts regardless of their activity history. Provided that the characters do not get deleted by the account holder, we will retain all character information on our servers indefinitely.

no other option has a comment that even comes close to this. they’re all “we’re sorry you don’t like X, but you know it’s always changing,” or “we’re sorry you don’t think you can play because you’re too busy doing X, but have you considered that it might still be worth it for reason Y?”

least coolest part: under the personalized message (even when your option is addiction) is this:

The peon is full-on weeping now. We hope you’re happy.

accompanied by a few very sad character animations. such bad taste. i mean, i know they’ll get in trouble big time if the give an inch on the whole “we didn’t intentionally try to make it addictive” issue, but still. poor taste if someone’s got enough will power left to cut themselves off.

(and i totally linked to my quitting post in my detailed comment)