cold turkey

while multitasking at work yesterday, steve and i started chatting on a broad range of topics. i do not understand why he doesn’t read more books. he doesn’t understand why i consider participating in nanowrimo to be a guilty pleasure. this led to a more refined discussion about how for me, it’s about the story. i like absorbing stories. tv, movies, reading, writing, and playing the type of videogames i play (rpg’s) are fundamentally about the stories involved with them. whether it’s extremely passive like tv, movies, or games, or an act of creation like writing, that’s the primary reason i do it. for me, videogames (WoW, specifically) are that sort of perfect balance of interaction and passivity. so we started down the path about the danger of liking mmorpgs too much,and i started thinking about how i don’t actually write all that much anymore and i haven’t picked up a decent book in…oh god, it’s october so almost 10 months, right? and that’s when it hit me:

WoW is cheap vodka.

sure it gets me drunk well enough (in this analogy “getting drunk” means “satisfying my need for story”), but since i’m filling my belly with the cheap stuff, there’s no room in my life for the good stuff. for the finely aged merlot, for the champagne, or even for the really great martini made with grey goose instead of the grocery-store label vodka. it’s been keeping me from experiencing the things i enjoy not just because they’re minimally satisfying, but for the quality of the experience as well.

in that one instance i lost all desire to play.

so, dear reader, on this fine thursday that i’ve take off to detox and prep for a whirlwind of a weekend (there’s a wedding), i encourage you to indentify the cheap vodka in your life and dump it down the kitchen sink.