one more day

8ish hours to go at work, starting in about 8ish hours. i want them to be overwith. i want to be done, and because of that, i can’t sleep. it’s like my insomnia before flying, only have no packing or planning to do in the waning hours to keep me busy.

i also have sneaky suspicion that tomorrow’s going to suck for a while. some serious crap hit the fan today, both directly project related and drama-personal related and there will be fallout and guilt tomorrow. i’m tied into both…or rather, i was until 2 weeks ago when i gave notice and they pulled me off everything. plus i’ll be eating lunch with my co-workers for the last time, listening to all of them “kid” me about abandoning them. …and i’ll have to write one of those “it’s been great working with all of you” emails which always sound forced, but will especially sound forced coming from me. my lack of love for the job/company is well-known on my team.

and then the exit interview. where everything becomes final. which is good, but which is also final. and final means change and change is scary.

guh. i should channel this energy into something useful, but i had steak n shake for dinner (complete w/ a seriously shakey shake) so i feel all icky.

catch you on the flipside.