blak is the new … vault?

so coke has put out this drink that is self-described as “coke effervescence with coffee essence.” it’s more like “cream soda that tastes a little off…only not pink…and with caffeine.” the first few sips were enough to turn me off, but when it’s the only caffeine in the house, you push through.

if coffee’s going to be cold, it needs to be made of cream and sugar, and while the sugar is definitely there, the “cream” doesn’t really show up until your mouth is coated with sugar to the point you don’t notices it’s missing.

  • I have been looking forward to this in the way Evel Knievel used to look forward to jumping flaming buses on a motorcycle, and I suspect the end results will be roughly similar. Hearts pounding in chests. High probability of crashing and burning. An abundance of something that looks and tastes vaguely like motor oil.

    I endorse soda experiments; they can’t all be Holiday Spice Pepsi. In Mexico right now, there is a beverage on the market called Pepsi Clear. If that should turn out to be Crystal Pepsi, expect to see my house on the market imminently.