the writing is going not so well. i got stuck with my fabulously outlined story after 600ish words on day 1. day 2 i couldn’t get it going, so i abandoned it for a sudden inspiration. 730ish words into that, i petered out. what looked like brilliant, engaging prose the day before looked really lame the next. day 3 i pouted, certain that i was doomed until ryan gave me a good “you could get caught up if you hang out with a bottle of wine one night this weekend” pep-talk. well, he didn’t suggest the wine, but i’ve found historically that it helps.


i took a break or two at work (plus the metro link ride) on friday to add a bit to story one (i got some cold-med induced inspiration day-3 night–i told you drugs were good) but most of day 4 was spent having a friday night, which was fine cuz day 5 (today) was going to be catch-up night. except our saturday day got full of stuff/dinners out with parents so now it’s 10:35 pm, and i have to get through all of the pre-writing activities (also known as “procrastination”) before my brain calms down enough for me to write.

i started with the lovely little status bar on the right (which for now is a total of both stories). next up is some diablo 2 to get some jitters out. i should also do some laundry and dishes, but it’s so late that i won’t. that’ll be part of tomorrow’s procrastinations.