too many bunny butts

yesterday i bought a bag of animal crackers from the vending machine, and i’ve been munching on them in waves since then. i was disappointed at how many of the pieces were broken. there were very very few whole-animals in the first 2/3 of the bag. i also noticed that there was an overwhelming number of bunny-tops. i assumed that when i got down to the last serving, it would be almost *entirely* bunny-butts, but i was wrong. not a one in the bag.


now, considering i bite each cracker in at least half before ingesting, and i don’t spend too much time contemplating the animal i’m eating (it’s not like the bears taste different than the penguins), this probably shouldn’t bother me. but it totally does! where are the bunny-butts? how does this sort of thing happen? i can understand a few pieces getting broken before going into the bag, but seriously, we’re talking 8 or so heads and no butts! the ratio of bunny to other animal in the bag alone was odd, but for it to be just heads?

a part of me is tempted to raid the machine for the rest of the animal cracker bags to see if the ratio rights itself, and to find the missing bunny-butts.