you would think…

that if ever there was a game i could win/be better at than my husband by sheer innate ability alone it would be karaoke revolution. i mean honestly after years of years of him cleaning the floor with me on FPS and fighting games, even after i spend hours and hours trying to get competent in mouse-look or a single character’s fighting style so i can get past the blind luck of button mashing, i should just be able to walk up to this game and deliver the payback.


it’s not that he’s a terrible singer or i’m so much better than he is. i think we both expected that the fact that i’ve had more (and recent-er) vocal training and my general familiarity with the music would give me an edge.

it looked, at first, that i was going to be the clear victor, but the points just didn’t line up that way when we stopped taking turns and started going head to head or signing duets.

it irritates the crap out of me. i mean, it wasn’t really bothering me in a pissy “i’m not playing with you any more!” kind of way since it meant we were both playing and singing together, but i did change my character to “salty jack” the pirate for a while ;)

and that was after the litany of “not really my fault” excuses i came up with. i was singing the harder part in the duet. i was “player one” so i started the unknown songs, giving him a chance to listen. his focusing on the notes and mumbling through the words was working to his scoring advantage, etc etc etc. i stopped vocalizing them after a while, because i realized what i was doing, but still. irritating.

i could get better than him. i could download all the songs into my ipod and practice so i knew the words and the music better. i could analyzing the game’s scoring mechanisms to “sing for points” instead of trying to make the noise coming out of my mouth as pleasing as possible.

but dammat! i shouldn’t have to!!! this game is about singing!