crazy weekend

so many things happened in the last few days that deserve their own essay-length posts.

we picked up will and gina from the airport so late on thursday that it was actually friday morning.

friday afternoon was spent socializing, hanging up flags in a hall for saturday’s party, and visiting the soon-to-be spectacular workspace for a company that will works with/for, which just happened to be in the same building as a company i sent a resume for. so much coveting.

friday night we had a crazy whirlwind dinner prepared by gina in a very shiny kitchen that didn’t quite have everything she needed. her skills at adapting rival her general cooking skills.

saturday morning we attended a memorial mass for a very great man. i’m still sorting out how i feel about that on multiple levels. cancer, death, afterlife, catholicism, family, friends–you name it and its in my brain, and has probably gone through some sort of radical change since saturday morning. well, except cancer. that’s never not going to suck.

saturday afternoon we attended a party for the same man. giant illegal fireworks were set off in his honor right next to the new cathedral. how incredible that 3 times as many people showed up to celebrate his life than originally expected?

also, don’t be afraid to make silly faces in your pictures. don’t scowl at people who do. those are the best pictures ever.

saturday night was full of good friends and many games. i’ve never rolled as many large straights in yahtzee as i did that night. ever. put together. makes it hard when you need 6s. clue is very easily over-thinkable. if i was allowed to use a spreadsheet, there would have been no stopping me. :)

sunday morning we said goodbye to will and gina (again).

sunday i burned about 3gb of music from cd to itunes. while doing this, i read, in its entirety, harry potter 6. i know who the half blood prince is, and i ain’t tellin’. also, my neck hurts. a lot.

sunday evening, we saw charlie and the chocolate factory. it was really weird. i also think it was really good. not sure i ever want to see it again though. weird. although it was slightly less disturbing than the original one.

i think that blending hp6 and charlie was a good idea. it should scramble my brain well enough that i might get some sleep.

also managed to cram a good 3 or 4 tour de france stages in while all this happened.

this is the week that i, in theory, find out whether i get the job i interviewed for on my birthday. if not, then it’s time for round 2 of irons-in-the-fire games.

my boss is leaving wednesday and won’t be back until august. puts a kink in any notice-giving plans that might develop.

friends from omaha are coming in for the weekend.

doesn’t look like i’ll be taking it easy next week, either. ah well.

  • I’d have to say that I didn’t like the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie much at all. The old one was way better.