before i forget

sitting near us at tonight’s fireworks show was a young couple who could not have been dating more than a few weeks. how do i know? because he was saying inane things and she was acting amused/interested when really, she shouldn’t be at all. at all.

it started with him “confessing” the fact that he’s a starwars geek, but in a way that suggested he was trying to say “see how shy and awkward i am? isn’t that endearing?” here’s a helpful tip: saying that you brought your starwars books back to school with you because you enjoyed the movie so much isn’t awkward, it’s nerdy.

tonight’s fireworks display was set to music, most of it from movies (hence the starwars). he sang through all of it, and not well. not on tune, often making it very, very obvious that he knew not the words neither the tune. it was PAIN FULL!!!

the highlight of my eavesdropping/judging came when the theme to indiana jones started to play.

he: what is this.
she: indiana jones.
he: i don’t think that’s right.
she: i’m pretty sure that’s indiana jones.
he(dismissively): well, it’s not any indiana jones i’ve ever heard of!

had a hard time not snickering at that one.