2015: The Year I Shake the Monkey Paw

While I am not a believer in “The Secret” or any other sort of magi-mystical system where believing something is/will be true will make it so, I more or less behave as if I’ve been under the thrall of a monkey’s paw. That is, I often get what I want/obsess over Secret-style, but usually in some fashion that makes makes everything worse. Continue reading 2015: The Year I Shake the Monkey Paw

Consider Me Stumped

So Charlotte and I have this “game” we play, courtesy of Dr. Seuss. Basically every time I answer a question with “I do not know,” we have a race to see whether I can say “go ask your dad!” before she says “don’t say it!”

Today, we were in the car and something she asked triggered the game. then, of course, she wanted to see if she could get me to say it again.

“You have to say ‘I don’t know'” again.
“You have to stump me, first”
(brief discussion on what “stump” means)
“What’s 300 minus 75?”
“Ugh! Why do you know every thing?”
“You need to ask me questions that don’t have answers.”
“Are there any math questions without answers?”
“Um…. sort of, but you probably won’t learn them until much later.”

then a few moments passed and she lobbed this one at me:

“Where is God?”


How does a 6 year old brain make leaps like that?

Ode to Yarn Crafts

Conversation I have in my brain at least once a week:

Me: Man, I really love knitting. I love crocheting. I wish i’d gotten into this hobby years ago. It’s so perfect for me.

My Brain: Yeah. We know. You have this conversation at least once a week.

Me: I know, I know. But it’s just so great! Did you see what I did right there? Look at how cool that little yarn-over thingy looks with this yarn.

My Brain: You know who hasn’t heard about how awesome knitting is? Your BLOG! Remember when you used to write things with your fingers? Continue reading Ode to Yarn Crafts

WFMAD Challenge: the Setup and the Links

Yesterday, I stumblr’d (as of right this moment, “stumblr’d” means “a thing i stumbled across on tumblr when i was really just in the mood to look at pretty gifsets and fanart) across a reference to Laurie Anderson’s “Write Fifteen Minutes a Day Challenge”, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: write 15 minutes each day in September.

Continue reading WFMAD Challenge: the Setup and the Links

Thanksvember 2012: Week One

November 1st: I am thankful for being part of a family full of storytellers. Even in our darkest moments, we can help each other smile.

November 2nd: I am thankful for my rockstar coworkers at Infuz (past and present). The business stuff is just the cusp of what I’ve learned from them, and many have become my closest friends.

November 3rd: I am thankful for being a two-parent household. The fun stuff is better when you have someone to share it with. The bad stuff is easier when there’s someone to shoulder the burden. Also, when you have too much whiskey, someone can manage the kids while you suffer your consequences.

People do that thing in November where they blog/tweet/post one thing every day that they are thankful for. I’m doing it, too.